Now is a great time to become an agile coach, no matter what industry you are in

Become an agile coach


Is now a good time to become an agile coach? Yes, absolutely! But do you need to be in the tech industry to do so? Nope! Let’s discuss 5 reasons why…

If you’d rather watch a video than read, check out my youtube video on the topic:


Reason 1: Companies are looking for agile coaches

Don’t fear what you hear in the news about companies going through layoffs. Layoffs happen in all industries and careers, but every organization is looking for agile coaches right now.

Agile coaching and its benefits are now well understood so you won’t need to carve the position out for yourself. There are plenty of opportunities in the market right now and lots of resources for aspiring coaches as well. 


Reason 2: Agile coaches are the new change managers

You might have heard of the role of “change manager” in organizations but put those ideas and conceptions aside. Agile coaches are something different. When organizations go through changes, small or big, agile coaches think about how they can carry those changes in a more flexible, adaptive, agile way. They think about how they can use feedback early on and start delivering results from the get go, iteratively. For these reasons, agile coaches really are the new change managers in the context of organizations.

Whether you already are an agile coach or an aspiring one, knowing agile facilitation and coaching skills are necessary to stay on top of your game. Change on whatever level, isn’t going anywhere. It’s the new normal which is great news for you!


Reason 3: Agile is everywhere, not just in tech

Although agile may have gotten its start in the tech industry, it is certainly not limited to tech anymore. Companies across every industry are now looking to adopt agile practices, processes, and mindset to help manage change.

I have spent a lot of time working in agile in the tech industry, but I have also worked with marketing teams, and communication teams. Additionally I’ve seen organizations in telecom, fintech, government, and healthcare all looking to adopt effective agile processes to handle change. Whatever industry you’re in right now is the perfect industry to be an agile coach in.

Plus, one great thing about starting in an industry outside of tech is that there are fewer specific templates/frameworks applied to your industry. There is more room for experimentation and learning. You get to design and discover by doing what the best practices are for your industry!

For a deeper dive into becoming an agile coach outside of tech, check out my video below!


Reason 4: Make a career transition

Making a step into agile coaching from wherever you are in your career can be a smart move and easier than you think! You can make this career transition while preserving a lot of your status. You already know your industry, challenges, and business acumen in your profession. There are alot of generic coaches out there but a professional effective agile coach is an expert coach and you have that knowledge. 

For example, if you are currently a great software developer, you are primed to help companies reach their tech excellence. There aren’t a lot of great coaches out there that have the same niche knowledge that you do. This insider knowledge is what will give you the edge above the rest.


Reason 5: Agile coaching is a skill set

Agile coaching is a set of skills and stances. Knowing how to coach individuals and teams, facilitate conversations, navigate conflict, and experiment with change in a non-intrusive way, for example, are all useful skills regardless if you want to become a full fledged agile coach or not. This skill set is much desired and helps you lead change and influence the people around you.

This kind of knowledge plus a certification puts you in a better position when you are considered to lead certain initiatives in your organization.


So don’t wait! Now is a great time to embark on an agile coaching journey. You can start now, from wherever you are at.


If you are interested in learning some of the agile skills mentioned above or becoming a certified coach, check out my program! It’s a month-long course of learning by doing! We have recently amped up the conflict navigation, team development, and agile principles in practice areas of the course so it is truly better than ever. In addition, we are proud partners with ICAgile so you will receive a highly recognized certification upon completion that will set you up well for a career as an agile coach.