We don’t just train people. We develop humans. 

At All things Agile, we're not your average agile training company.

Unlocking People's potential is what we do

At All Things Agile we see people as the driving force in organizations, communities and world transformation.

And agility, or the ability to adapt to changing forces quickly, is a skill we help anyone develop so that they transform their interactions at work.

Our vision

Incredible people transforming organizations everywhere no matter their job titles and hierarchical level.

Our mission

To unleash people’s leadership and agility so nobody needs to wait for a boss to make change happen.

We truly believe that the heart and soul of any organization lies in its people. We know each person brings something special to the table – their own unique talents, perspectives, and experiences.  And that any change can only succeed when people are not just involved but invested in it.

Our Values

Helping you on you journey as a leader, whether you are an established or an aspiring one, we value and help you lead with IMPACT:

Integrity: there is power in honest interactions, even when less palatable. Transparency is the foundation of trust and meaningful relationships.

Mastery: we follow the science of being and doing that leads to excellence and craftsmanship. The world can always use some more awesomeness.

Positive impact: in their natural state, people are fueled by enthusiasm and a relentless drive to make a positive difference.

Adaptability: while sometimes scary, change offers opportunity to innovate and improve. We embrace it and help you become more flexible and more resilient.

Coaching forward: We operate from a place of abundance, strength, instead of scarcity and lack. Everybody holds potential; every problem offers insight into solutions.

True diversity: Go beyond societal labels. Every human is unique and that reflects in their ideas and insights. We move past debate and embrace dialogue and integrative solutions.

Petula Guimaraes

Hi, I'm Petula!

Founder and head Coach

Hi, I’m Petula and I too have been frustrated about the state of human development in organizations.

I know how hard it can be to lead change in organizations, and how unhelpful it is to follow outdated formulas. That’s why I became a professional agile coach, one that asks better questions, listens before she speaks and applies actual science to problem-solving. I combine the powers of agile, coaching, and systems thinking to help you create the change you want to see.

I also know that change starts with yourself. That’s why all of our coaching and courses are designed to help you show up in an authentic and effective way when you seek to drive change and get results.  You lead by doing it and by helping others do it.

We partner with the best

We’re constantly evolving our practices based on reputable research and thought leadership.


All Things Agile was born from a desire to create a supportive and inclusive space where everyone’s leadership is valid and powerful.

We’re here to help you unleash your full potential, providing you with the tools and opportunities to rock it. When you learn with us, we embark on this extraordinary journey together. 

You too can lead productive, joyful, agile teams. Because better leaders; better teams.