Petula Guimaraes

Hi, I'm Petula!

What i am about

With over 2 decades of experience in the technology industry and a passion for people and problem-solving, I am a no-nonsense Agilist.

I truly believe in the power of collaboration and creativity to propel organizations to their next level in growth and performance. That is why I am in the business of helping people to design meaningful interactions between individuals, teams, and departments.


What I do and how i got here

My expertise is Lean-Agile, so you probably heard about Scrum, SAFe, Kanban. I also borrow from a host of open source and proprietary frameworks and approaches, such as Solution Focus coaching, Management 3.0, Systems Thinking, STATIK, Agenda Shift, Design Thinking, etc.

I have both experience and industry certifications. I was once Scrum Master, a role that I credit for my growing immensely as a person. Since then I have shifted to coaching, broaden my skills beyond Scrum, Kanban and SAFe and started helping teams and individuals to discover and achieve their own goals beyond labels.

I love sharing in the community. One of my favorite contributions was with Serious Scrum. I am active in the Agile Community in Ontario / Quebec circuit and I have been speaker in the Spark the Change and Agile Tour Montreal a few times and I organized gatherings such as Agile Coach Camp Canada. Currently I am dedicating a lot of my time experimenting with The LAB of all things agile.

I teach, mentor and consult remotely anywhere in the world and in person in the Montreal – QC area.

Who and how i can help


Looking for learning and growth? See signature programs and customized services for individuals, no matter your level of comfort with Agility.

Your Team

Starting a team? Growing a team? Reaching for performance and focus? We can help with that!

Your Company

From assessments to transformation we can help you navigate or introduce change at larger scale.

Now what?

You now know a little bit a about Petula and how we can collaborate. Now we are curious to know what we can create together.

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