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Get certified as an agile coach in a simple and supported way. Our highly engaging courses follow the best practices of adult learning, offer the quality accreditation of ICAgile, and our trainers are professional agile coaches themselves, with years of experience in the trenches.


Agile Coaching Program

The Agile Coaching Program - certified ICP-ACC

This is a program for those who have a desire to apply their servant leadership and Agile knowledge in service of individuals and teams. You will learn how to differentiate and practice the stances of facilitator, coach, mentor, and teacher.

Coaching Agile Transitions - Certified ICP-CAT

This is an advanced course for practitioners in agile coaching and change management. You will gain a set of skills to lead agile change and organizational transformation in a co-creative way.


Effective Agile Retrospectives course

Effective Agile Retrospectives

Learn how to craft, lead and troubleshoot winning agile retrospectives.

Elevates your agile retrospectives from that generic end of sprint conversation into immersive experiences that galvanize your team’s collaboration and performance.


"Petula has an uncanny ability to assess a situation and a person's skill set, and quickly identify which approach should be taken: Teacher, Coach, or Mentor. Petula's techniques made me feel like I was capable of conquering any task."
Christie Mashinter
Scrum Master
"Petula was one of the best facilitators I have ever had the opportunity to experience! Her energy and overall approach to the session enabled the entire team to remain very engaged throughout the session, and everyone had such positive things to say about their experience."
Monika Evans
Project Manager
"I appreciated the concentrated focus on practical tools that I immediately applied to my work with positive results!"
Beth Kerr
Co-active Agile Coach
Scrum In Practice

Scrum In practice

Get the simplest Scrum book you’ll ever find to help you remove misconceptions and lead happier scrum teams!

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