We Develop People and Create Strong Leaders

We grow extraordinary agile leaders who go on to be coaches and consultants able to lead agility and change in organizations. If you want to demonstrate tangible results in projects and enhanced performance, our personalized approaches are what you are looking for.

Whether you are looking to upskill yourself or your whole team, we’re here to help.

Great Companies Trust Us

Our consulting and coaching impacts leaders and teams in some of the greatest companies globally.

Elevate your organization’s performance with our expert coaching.

We specialize in enhancing agility and leadership among high-potential employees, emerging leaders and teams, fostering innovative thinking and driving results. Discover the strategic advantage of coaching for your organization performance.

coaching teams vs individuals

How we can help


We operate 100% online and use the best tools in the market to give you a great experience and convenience. Online experiences are a reality in any workplace and this is a meta-learning you will leave with.


Competence is learned. We cut through the noise and teach you highly applicable skills. You'll benefit from the extensive hands-on experience of our coaches and explore real scenarios in a safe space.


Confidence is earned. You'll learn by doing and create a roadmap for your own personal and professional success. Plus, you'll continue your growth with our community, keeping current and expanding your style and network.

build teams

Redefine your agility – skills and behaviors

The current state of agile training and coaching is ineffective. 

At All Things Agile are constantly evolving our coaching and learning practices, combined with framework-neutral agility to help you build resilient teams and drive lasting behavior change and skill development.

We help you apply agility to your environment with the support and accountability of an expert coach to generate sustainable growth.

Learn with Professional Agile and Executive Coaches

Don’t scramble to find confidence in showing up as an agile leader who can drive results. We offer the best coaching and certified coaching to help you make a career out of agile coaching and consulting. 

We’re not just trainers. We are experienced, professional agile coaches and we partner with the best international certification bodies in coaching and agile to accredit your journey.

Your Agile Coaching

Roadmap to Success

Choose your way

Choose self-study courses, live group learning or individual coaching: pick the learning style that suits you best.


Whether you are new to agile or a seasoned practitioner, we can meet you where you are and bring you to the next level.

Engage in Success

With a clear success path that lets you own your learning journey, you are now limitless in your career growth.

The Agile Coaching Program

Agile coach-leaders accelerate the path of agile teams towards high performance and help create safe spaces and dialogue in organizations. 

Our Agile Coaching Program is designed to help you gain all the essential skills in a live, interactive online course, where you practice with peers and learn by doing from day one.

Agile Coaching Program

There is a Better Way to Agile

Say NO to the limitations and inflexibility of preset agile frameworks. The best agility for your leadership and team performance is designed by understanding and practicing key elements of agility and without disrupting your entire structure. We coach and teach better ways to Improving processes and ways of working without the noise and mandated practices and honoring the path you’ve already built in your career and with your teams.

Become a coach-leader

Online group learning experiences, highly interactive, with the best tools and teachers. Grow the skills and get certified!


Get coaching

Online, high-touch human development with certified professional coaches. A highly personalized way to bring your career to the next level.

Meet Petula

Head Coach and Founder of All Things Agile Canada

With over 2 decades of experience in the technology industry and a passion for people and problem-solving, Petula is a no-nonsense agile and leadership coach.

Petula Guimaraes

What Clients are saying

"As soon as you talk to Petula you realize her personality will be a contributing factor for your success. Her creativity, her sense of humor and her empathy make her the ideal professional coach!"
Gino Cerro
Technical Lead at Touchtunes
"I recommend Petula to anyone looking to transform the way they work. She can adapt her coaching style for every member on the team so that they get the best of her knowledge and experience. Petula helped us on our transformation journey every step of the way."
Emmanuelle Couillard
Chief PO at Manulife
"Petula has great Agile knowledge but her contribution goes beyond that. She understands when to coach and when to teach and she does not need to be an expert in the technology in use to help people find their ways and solutions."
Carol Ouellet
Solutions Architect at IBM

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