Agile Team Accelerator

A course for those looking to advance their agile team facilitation skills


What This Course is about

Do you want your team to be operating at their best while your organization goes through change and competing priorities?

Then you need some serious agile and facilitating skills!

This course combines both and takes you on the journey of you becoming a great facilitator to accelerate your team’s journey through agile.

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Who It is for

Agile Team Accelerator

The Course at a glance

Week 1: You, the Facilitator

How to serve your teams by working on your facilitator mindset and skills

Week 2: The Plan

How agile teams make sense of the work to be done

Week 3: The Execution

How agile teams structure the work and follow through to delivery

Week 4: The Learning

How agile teams improve their performance continuously

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What people say

A Scrum Master relief!
Anja P.
Scrum Master
I got a job as an SM and was very new and uncomfortable with Scrum. This was the course I needed for my confidence: I needed less Scrum knowledge and more facilitation knowledge.
Prakesh N.
Scrum Master
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